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Want to access a custom training program designed for you? 

As hockey officials, we have different fitness requirements than hockey players. Our Team Stripes strength coach Kyle Kostynski is highly accomplished and has developed special programming just for hockey officials. 

About the Training:

Kyle will build you a custom training program that will bring your fitness to the next level. With your custom training program he will be able to tailor your training around every aspect of your life such as; goals (performance, aesthetic, longevity, muscle mass, weight loss, toning etc.), time commitment in the gym, occupation. The list goes on and on. It is Kyle's goal to ensure as a client you get all the results you are looking for.

What we need from you:

Depending on the type of training program Kyle will ask for you to record your weight used in certain exercise, and time of completion in certain events / workouts. 

What is included in this bundle?

  • Monthly check-ins either in person, face-time, calls, or email.
  • Monthly custom program to your individual goals
  • Any changes to the program due to new goals or lifestyle changes.

About Kyle:

Kyle a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, and works as a Professional Strength and Conditioning Coach.