About us

Don Koharski was an NHL official for 32 years and has officiated in 1,882 regular season games (referee and linesman) 262 playoff games and 11 Stanley Cup Finals games.  He entered the league in 1977 and worked 163 NHL games as a linesman before becoming a referee.  His first game as a referee was Nov. 21, 1981.  Since retiring from the ice in 2009, Don continues to work with the NHL as an Officiating Manager with the NHL. Don is the program manager for Team Stripes. 

Brandon Bourgeois is a former AHL linesman who also worked CIS and Junior in Ontario. A graduate of Carleton University's Technology and Innovation Management system with a Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship, Brandon has committed himself to bringing modern teaching tools to the world of officiating. Brandon is the President and Founder of Team Stripes.