Our Story

In 2017 a couple of officials from Ottawa, Ontario decided that we needed to revolutionize the way officials are trained. We saw that way too many officials were quitting each season, and on top of that - we felt like there was an opportunity to create new teaching tools that could support growth and learning. 

So we started out by doing some podcasts with our friends. Then we heard that officials wanted articles. Then finally after that - we found out officials needed great video content. So we started to make those. 

We found as we went our community kept growing. So we stepped up our game even further. We enlisted the help of Don Koharski, former NHL referee, to direct the creation of our content. It was a huge step. 

But it paid off. This year we launched Team Stripes Academy - featuring Don Koharski's Master Course. It was a huge success, with the Academy featuring students from Canada, the United States, Europe, and even Australia. 

In late 2018 we even got to launch our own apparel - of which a percentage of proceeds will go to support charitable organizations. 

We have even more planned as we look at more innovative technologies that we can use to help officials. But overall - it's been an incredible journey. And it's really thanks to people like you. Our community is what drives Team Stripes. Whether its supporting our message, or recommending content - you drive this initiative forward.

So thank you - and we can't wait to see where this journey takes us.