What’s in Don Koharski’s Master Course?

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What’s in Don Koharski’s Master Course?

We’ve gotten some questions regarding what you can expect in Don Koharski’s Master Course – and we wanted to provide some answers to you to help out!

So basically this course is the first course we’re launching in our academy.

There’s 16 different chapters – that cover 14 different subjects ranging from face-offs to communication. In these videos we explore these topics in depth so we can provide our best coaching to you.

So for example, in the face-off lesson, you will see that we don’t just tell you how to drop a puck. But we also go into detail about the process, who you should be communicating with, how to deal with players not listening, and working together as a team.

We don’t just tell you about it. We show you in detail – with all our filming completed by a professional film crew that demonstrates multiple angles and sightlines.

Each lesson involves multiple instructors, with Don providing his insights and key points and our instructors provided live demonstrations with game situations. All the videos can be replayed as many times as possible – so that even late in the season you can review the material and review!

The course even touches on topics like mental preparation – where Don shares his personal experiences with confrontations and being able to bring his best each game.

The course in its entirety runs the same length as a feature movie – so there’s lots of content to digest!

With your purchase, which is guaranteed over 14 days, you also get access to our 40-page ebook, a full course workbook, and access to monthly live chats through our Facebook group.

If you have any questions – be sure to reach out! We’re here to help you. Looking forward to you joining our community!

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