A Good Warmup for a Hockey Official

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A Good Warmup for a Hockey Official

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Pre-game physical preparation is something you need to work into your routine if you want to move up. While you can get away without warming up or being prepared for lower levels where you can easily keep up with the level of play, at the high levels, especially at the junior, CIS/NCAA, and pro levels, you will be done quickly if you don’t prepare your body and mind for the effort to come.

Getting your body and mind prepared for a game is critical, but there are exercises that you can do beforehand to prepare. Below is a recommended warmup for officials, to download a PDF version go to: http://goteamstripes.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Hockey-Referee-Warmup.pdf

Hockey Officials Warmup

Part 1:

Jumping Jacks or Quick Jogging or Bike or “Wall Ball”

Part 2:

  1. A) Leg Swing (Forward/Side)
  2. B) Forward Skips x 2
  3. C) Backward Skips x 2
  4. D) Side Shuffles x 2
  5. E) Carioka x 2

Part 3:

  1. A) Groin Stretch
  2. B) Calf Stretch
  3. C) Hamstring Stretch
  4. D) Assorted Stretches Based on Need

Part 4:

  1. A) Foam Roll