My Experience with Cancer - Part 2

My Experience with Cancer - Part 2

I went to visit an orthopedic oncologist and the worst was confirmed - I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. The plan was to do chemotherapy for 6 weeks, then do a surgery to cut out the portion of bone with the tumor and replace it with a metal rod, followed by more chemotherapy for 6-7 months. My doctor warned me to be careful with my leg, though, because it was so weak and could break, so I needed to use crutches.

Then a few days later (my father’s birthday of all days), while on crutches and my leg in the air, not bearing weight, my femur snapped in half. My orthopedic oncologist decided to install an external fixator to keep my leg together long enough for me to get through my first portion of chemo. My oncologist, however, didn’t like the result. Because the external fixator included pins that are connected to the femur and stick out of the leg, there was always going to be an open wound that would not heal. Afraid of infection, he wasn’t willing to give me the full dose of chemotherapy, only half. After nine months of going undiagnosed, I wasn’t willing to prolong my treatment. So, due to the tumor being exposed, I had to have my right leg amputated near the hip, taking me off the ice forever.




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