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The Guardian 020 is one of the newest systems that was developed by Vokkero. It was designed for sports officials to utilize during competitions. It creates a system of instant and permanent conferencing with clear communication. 
One of the difference between this system and the Squadra is the ability to use a 'buzzer' that will send a warning to other users on the system. 
Some of the features available with this include: 
  • Communication system full duplex hands-free with unlimited users
  • Patented noise filter: Digital audio filtering (noise from the work environment)
  • 8kHz audio system (High Quality)
  • Range up to 1.2 km
  • Battery life up to 12 hours (rechargeable)
  • Available in ATEX and Audio Pro version
Technical specifications:
  • Best audio - 16 Khz sampling
  • Range - 1200 meters
  • Integrated PTT w/ external option
  • More secure connectors and chargers
  • Up to 16 full duplex
  • Improved ergonomic design for changing volume and channels
  • Increased flexibility in custom configurations
  • Integrated alert system.

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